Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK is a super popular game where you race on small cars around wild tracks filled with obstacles and power-ups. One of the coolest things about the game is that you can pick different characters to play as, each with their special abilities.

Let’s talk about Benny first. He’s got this awesome power called the “carrot cannon.” When you use it, Benny’s car shoots out these huge exploding carrots that can hit other racers and slow them down. It’s a great way to gain an advantage during the race.

Now, let’s move on to Disco Jimmy. He’s got a unique ability called “dance fever.” When Disco Jimmy uses this power, he makes other racers start dancing uncontrollably. While they’re busy dancing, Disco Jimmy can zoom past them without any trouble. It’s like he’s got his dance party on the track!


Both Benny and Disco Jimmy are standout choices in the game because of their special powers. They add a new level of fun and strategy to the game, making it even more exciting to play.

The appearance of Benny vs Disco Jimmy in Beach Buggy Racing 

Benny is the ultimate champion for off-road racing. He looks tough and determined, wearing a bunny suit with marks from tough battles. Each mark tells a story of how he overcame tricky paths and won many races. His outfit is more than just clothes; it shows how strong and brave he is.

On the other hand, when Disco Jimmy shows up, it’s all about energy and fun. He wears colorful costumes that make him stand out, like a helmet shaped like a disco ball that shines in the sun. His look shows he loves speed and having a good time. Disco Jimmy’s appearance tells everyone that he’s here to race in style and show off his skills. Besides this interesting comparison, you can also check the contrasting points of BB Racing and Mario Kart.

Biography of Benny and Disco Jimmy

Benny: The Off-Road Explorer

Benny grew up on Beach Buggy Island. He loved exploring the island’s bumpy trails since he was little. His outfit, a bunny suit with scratches, shows he’s been through a lot of tough races. Every scratch tells a story of how he beat challenges. Benny is good at finding shortcuts and making smart moves on the track. He has a special move called the “carrot cannon” that shoots exploding carrots to slow down other racers. Benny is quiet but very determined.

Disco Jimmy: The Fun Racer

Disco Jimmy is always the life of the party. He loves music and dancing, and it shows in his flashy outfits. His helmet looks like a disco ball, shining in the sun. Jimmy’s special move is called “Dance Fever.” When he uses it, other racers start dancing, allowing him to zoom past them. Jimmy is energetic and loves to entertain the crowd with his cool moves. He’s all about having fun on and off the racetrack.

Similarities and Differences Between Disco Jimmy and Benny in Beach Buggy Racing

Disco Jimmy and Benny both play BB Racing, but they’re different in some ways.


  • People like both of them.
  • They race on the same tracks.
  • They have special powers that make the game more fun.


  • Looks: Benny wears a tough bunny suit with scratches, while Disco Jimmy wears flashy clothes and a shiny disco ball helmet.
  • Special Powers: Benny uses exploding carrots to slow down other players, while Disco Jimmy makes them dance so he can pass them easily.
  • How They Race: Benny focuses on being smart and overcoming challenges, while Disco Jimmy brings a lot of energy and fun to the race.

Even though they’re different, both Disco Jimmy and Benny make the game exciting in their ways. Take a minute and check our latest comparison of Beach Buggy Racing and Beach Buggy Racing 2 and the roles of these two characters in these games.


Drivers Ability of Disco Jimmy and Benny in Beach Buggy Racing

Disco Jimmy and Benny are drivers in this Kart-Racing game. They each have special abilities to help them in the races.

Disco Jimmy

Disco Jimmy’s power is called “Dance Fever.” When he uses it, other drivers start dancing and go slower. This helps Disco Jimmy pass them easily


Benny’s power is the “Carrot Cannon.” He can shoot exploding carrots at other drivers. When they get hit, they slow down, and Benny gets ahead in the race.


Benny and Disco Jimmy bring thrilling showdowns to Beach Buggy Racing. Benny’s “carrot cannon” lets players shoot exploding carrots to gain an edge, while Disco Jimmy’s “dance fever” makes opponents dance, giving him a chance to pass. Benny’s rugged appearance contrasts with Disco Jimmy’s flashy style, but both add excitement to the game. Whether you prefer strategic maneuvers or energetic flair, racing against these two is always a blast.


In conclusion, Benny and Disco Jimmy bring an exhilarating showdown to Beach Buggy Racing, adding a whole new dimension of excitement to the game. Benny’s formidable “carrot cannon” and rugged appearance reflect his determined and strategic approach to racing. At the same time, Disco Jimmy’s infectious “dance fever” and flashy style embody his energetic and entertaining spirit on the track. Despite their differences, both characters offer players unique and thrilling experiences, enhancing the fun and strategy of the game. Whether you prefer Benny’s tactical maneuvers or Disco Jimmy’s lively antics, there’s no denying that their presence adds an extra dose of excitement to the game. With their special abilities and distinct personalities, Benny and Disco Jimmy continue to captivate players and elevate the racing experience to new heights in Beach Buggy Racing.


The Special ability of Disco Jimmy is called “Dancing Fever”. It makes other drivers dance and slow for a while.

Carrot Cannon is a special power of Benny that attacks other players with powerful cannon attacks of Carrots.