The racing genre of the gaming world is the most played gaming category, and gamers love to play racing games. However, getting a quality racing game has become difficult as all the games of this genre are similar. But, here I am to introduce you to one of the finest car racing games, Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK. Vector Unit has developed the original version, and the game is optimized so well that one can have the buggy racing experience on any device. Moreover, the game is available on all software like Windows, Android, and iOS.





Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK is an action-packed racing game you can play on Android, iOS devices and PCs. The game is widely known and played because of its exciting features and brilliant graphics. Making such detailed and complex graphics is hard, but the developers did a great job developing this awesome game’s realistic graphics. As the game introduces gamers to a unique Buggy Racing gameplay with peak graphics, it is widely played among gamers. Also, many downloads, positive rating reviews, and a huge social media following and community are reasons gamers are eager to try and rule the beach through their Buggies and Karts! 

Beach Buggy offers diverse features like championships, plenty of game modes, and multiplayer, where you must beat your rivals to claim rewards. But the gaming experience you gain while driving across beachy shores, rainforests, ancient temples, and glaciers is unmatched. No other game can provide you with the thrill of Kart Racing I mentioned above. The powerups appear during the Race, making the game quite easy for you if you use them precisely. 

However, the game is difficult, and you may find winning the Race on the first attempt difficult. This is where you have to get help from our Mod version because, with the Modified features of the game provided by our website, one can easily dominate its rivals. The Mod version includes unlimited gold, gems, unlocked cars, and premium features to enjoy the game at maximum capacity. If you are urged to explore the most realistic Kart-Racing Action with the best gaming experience, download Beach Buggy Racing mod apk from the download button above and enjoy the latest version of an exciting Kart-Racing game on your Android TV and mobile device.


To install Beach Buggy Racing mod APK unlimited money and gems, you have to follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Uninstall the original game if it has already been installed on your Android device.
  • Enable the “unknown resources” in the mobile settings.
  • Now tap the download button.
  • Wait a bit until the APK file is downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Now, find the APK file on your phone, or you can also find it in the download section of Chrome.
  • Install the Mod APK file on your mobile.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open the game and enjoy the thrilling Kart Racing experience on your Android phone.


The game introduces the players to one of the most engaging gameplay. This engaging and a little bit addictive gameplay is a broad reason why gamers worldwide love to play Beach Buggy Mod APK. The game is a Kart-Racing action where players can drive their favorite karts, buggies, and vehicles on the beachy shores. 

The gameplay of all the modes, such as Career mode, Quick Race, and Championship, is almost the same, where you have to engage yourself in a race on various locations and routes. The main objective is to cross the finish line first while competing with six other players. You will get many useful powerups in the middle of the Race, and if you use these powerups precisely, you can easily win any race. Also, upgrading the Car is another significant factor; you can win any race effortlessly if your Car is upgraded to the maximum level.


Before engaging yourself in the Kart-Racing action, you must know the significant game features that you will see in this game. I hope that this knowledge will prove valuable in enhancing your gaming experience.


Beach Buggy Racing introduces gamers to a thrilling Kart-Racing Action that they have never experienced in their gaming life earlier. The immersive Racing environment in caves, sandy beaches, jungles, and other exciting sites where you can drive your favorite buggies and enjoy. The visuals of the game seem very realistic. One of the examples of the visuals is when you drive across the Beach, the splashes of water appear on the screen, which adds realism to the game. All these visuals, exciting gameplay, and brilliant sound effects collectively create an exciting Kart-Racing Action. Beach Buggy also features some interesting tricks like shortcuts, achievements, Jumpstart, etc, to make the game interesting and more engaging.


Disparate Vehicle System to unleash at Beachy Shores

As a Kart Racing game, Beach Buggy introduces gamers to a diverse vehicle system where the players can own new and exclusive cars by spending the in-game currency. There is a variety of vehicles that you can drive across beaches, ancient temples, Wild Jungles, and other exciting sites. These vehicles vary because of their several characteristics, features, and strengths. The prices of the cars also increase with their enhanced functionality.

Also, some advanced cars require real money to buy them as they are premium vehicles with advanced features. This diverse vehicle gallery makes the game one of the most-played Kart-Racing games. Take a look at new styles of cars from the latest update of the game.


Stunning 3D Graphics and Visuals

With immersive graphics and a game environment, Beach Buggy captivates you with thrilling Racing gameplay that you would have never experienced earlier in your gaming experience. The graphics are extraordinarily realistic, creating exciting visuals at every game’s moment. Every move in the game, such as driving, using powerups, and striking any hurdle in the way every moment looks so realistic and amazing.

The vibrant and colorful visuals when you use the Nitro boost and accelerator look appealing and immerse the gamers in an extreme Racing experience. When you drive the Buggy in water, the splashes of water virtually appear on the screen and look so realistic. The game graphics are complex and very well-developed. Besides these well-developed graphics, the game is optimized to be played on any low-end device, and gamers can enjoy the best Kart Racing experience in dunes and beaches on any device.



Besides a Kart-Racing game, Beach Buggy is well-known for its outstanding sound effects. The game features the most impressive sound effects among all Racing games. The background music is a perfect description of the action in the game. Also, the sound effects while driving the cars are very amazing. Using any power-up or booster has special sound effects that add realism to the game. This outstanding sound quality creates an immersive environment that captivates the players with exciting gameplay.

Alluring and Exciting Cars for Kart-Racing

Beach Buggy Racing introduces the players to alluring cars with unique and attractive Car Designs. These cars vary from basic beach buggies to powerful Killawatt, considered the best and most powerful vehicles to unleash exciting Kart-Racing at sandy beaches. Other significant Cars include the Gigantic Rock Stomper, Lunar Rover, and powerful Rhino truck. With the availability of all these vehicles, one can truly unleash the most realistic Beach Buggy Racing experience in life. Upgrading the Vehicles is also beneficial as it increases the HP of the Car and eventually helps you get the upper hand over your opponents. Find out the fastest car in the BB Racing series to unleash the best Kart-Racing action.

Various Drivers to unleash your expert driving skills

To drive Cars and Vehicles on sandy tracks at the Beach, you need a specialist driver to fulfill this need. For this purpose, the game features several characters of the drivers who are experts in their relative tracks. In the beginning, you have only one Driver character unlocked named Rez. He is an expert driver and can give you a boost while driving. His ability is named Burning Rubber, which will help you overtake enemies.

As you proceed, you will unlock more exciting characters like LeiLani, Beach Bro, Roxie Roller, EL-Zipo,  McSkelly, Oog-oog, B’zorp, Benny, and Disco Jimmy. Each driver possesses unique skills; you will unlock these characters as you proceed with the game. With the precise use of these skills, you can easily overtake the opponents and win the game.


Boost and Power-ups to turn the Tide in the race

Power-ups are like the equipment you will get during the Race, making it easier to claim victory over your enemies. Beach Buggy Racing features many powerups with unique functions and characteristics. Some powerups boost your vehicle, while some can help attack the opponents that temporarily damage your opponent, and you can overtake them in that time. At the same time, some powerups enhance the functionality of your vehicle or Buggy. You will get these powerups in the game from time to time, so there is no need to buy these boost powerups. However, one drawback is that you can use only one power-up at a time and not acquire another while you have yet to use the previous one completely.

A total of 27 Powerups can be acquired in the Race. The significant powerups include Firework Missile, Nitro Boost, Sheild, and Death Bat. Their functions are also the same as their name: fireworks missiles attack your opponents with temporary damage, and so does the Death Bat. Sheild protects you from any Damage, and Nitro boost gives you a rapid boost, and you will overtake the opponents in seconds. Other power-ups include low gravity, springs, tornadoes, lightning strikes, oil slicks, mystery crates, etc. Keep in mind that you should use the power-ups wisely. Otherwise, if you don’t use these boosters precisely, these powerups will be dangerous to you instead of being valuable. So, be careful while using these powerups.


Various thrilling Racing Tracks and Routes

Beach Buggy is widely played because of the many exciting maps and routes that allow one to drive one’s favorite vehicle to compete in exciting beach races. These exciting racing routes give a realistic touch to the game as you explore the different kinds of beaches. The Racing Routes and Beaches vary based on their background and the difficulties and hurdles you will encounter. Below is the list of all the Routes and Tracks in Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK:

  • Fiesta Village
  • Paradise Beach
  • Crab Cove
  • Shark Harbor
  • Dino Jungle
  • Mushroom Grotto
  • Aquarius
  • Spooky Shores
  • Glacier Gulch
  • Red Planet
  • Blizzard Vale
  • Death Bat Alley

All these tracks are distinct from one another with different backgrounds and hurdles, and you have to show your master Racing skills to encounter these hurdles in sandy areas of the Beach. All the tracks are similar in one way because they are located beside the Beach, which is also the game’s main idea.


Split Screen Multiplayer Mode to keep an eye

Among all the other exciting features of Beach Buggy Racing, one is Split Screen Multiplayer mode. The game supports the Split Screen Multiplayer mode, the most convenient multiplayer gaming method. A split screen is divided into two or more halves (depending on the number of players). With a split screen, one can enjoy multiplayer gaming by keeping a close eye on the opponents. It is one of the distinct features of this racing game that all other racing games lack, which surely gives this game an edge over other Kart-racing games. Enjoy the split-screen Multiplayer of the game on the big screen of the PC by downloading the Beach Buggy Mod APK for PC.


Championships for exclusive rewards

Beach Buggy Mod features an exciting championship where one can participate and have fun while earning rewards. The gameplay of the championship is also the same as that of other modes. Each championship has several events, and you have to play and finish them all to complete it. All the championship events take place on different maps, making this mode engaging and unique. Championships also vary based on your vehicle; for example, the game features distinct championships for cars upgraded to 250 HP and upgraded to 500 HP. Try to get 3 stars in the championship to get maximum rewards.

User-friendly game controls that are easy to navigate

Another impressive thing about the game is the intuitive game controls that create a User-friendly gaming experience. The game features 3 different game controls, and you can select any one that suits your playstyle so that you do not find it difficult to play the game.

The first one is tilt control, in which you have to tilt the device to steer the car, and to apply brakes, you have to touch either side of the screen.

Touch A control feature breaks on buttons on both the left and right end of the screen. To steer, you have to touch the side of the screen where you want to steer the vehicle.

Touch B controls have steer (Both left and Right) options on the bottom left end of the interface while brake on the bottom right end of the screen.

Other options include whether you want to Tilt the camera when you steer or not, and you can also adjust the steering sensitivity for your vehicle.

With these different game controls, anyone, especially beginners, can easily master and play the game at full capacity.

Upgrade your cars to enhance their power and abilities

The most important thing that can give you an upper hand over your opponents will be proper upgradation and customization of your vehicle. You can never beat your opponents in the Race without precise customization, no matter how good your driving skills are. Also, you can never proceed without upgrading, as it is compulsory in the game to upgrade your vehicle to a certain level before playing a new series.

The upgradation includes:

  • Upgrading the Acceleration
  • Upgrading the Top Speed of the vehicle
  • Upgrading the Handling ability
  • Upgrading the Strength of your buggy

After upgrading all these parameters of your vehicle, you will finally be able to increase the HP of your Car to the next level. This systemized upgrade in the game is one of the significant game features that makes gamers and racers enjoy the game to the maximum level. 

Advanced Customization of the cars

Besides upgradation, you can also customize your vehicle or Car to make it look better and more aesthetic. For this purpose, the game features advanced customization with the simplest customization options. You can select your favorite color for your vehicle in the game and the design you want for your Car. With different color combinations, you make your Car look appealing and aesthetic. You can also acquire special gold skin for your vehicle, but your vehicle has been upgraded to 1000 HP for this skin.



The Mod version allows the players to enjoy the game at a maximum level as you can enjoy Unlimited Money and Gems in the Mod APK version. Also, the premium features in this version add to your in-game creativity and you can enjoy the game without worrying about resources. 

Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money TO SPEND

The basic game currency is money; sometimes, you run short of money for many reasons. Then, there is only one way to purchase the money with real money, which makes the game unexciting and loses its worth. However, we have fixed your problem with our Mod version, as one can enjoy unlimited money in the Mod Beach Buggy Racing. We have developed the Mod version with limitless money, so you don’t have to spend your precious money on mobile gaming.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are harder to earn than gold or coins, as gems are considered the premium game currency. It takes a lot of time to gain a lot of gems, but if you have the Mod version from our website, you can get unlimited gems in the game. Therefore, you can switch from the normal version to Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK to get these exclusive features.


BB Racing mod APK Unlock All Cars

The most valuable feature of the Mod version is you get all cars unlocked. This is because the game becomes more exciting and challenging when multiple vehicles are available. Another reason this feature is more pleasing than others is that some cars are only available in the premium version, meaning you have to buy them with real money. But purchasing something in the virtual world with real money is very unpleasant. To avoid this, we have developed the Mod version, which allows you to access all premium cars and vehicles free of cost. 


Beach Buggy Racing Mod unlocks all the premium game features, including premium cars and vehicles. These premium game features are exciting as you can drive premium and advanced vehicles on beachy shores and amazing locations. Besides these vehicles, you will also get the Multiplayer mode of the game unlocked in the mod APK Beach Buggy Racing.

Free Shopping IN THE STORES

In Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK, one can enjoy unlimited free shopping from the game shop. With this feature, you can access many exciting items, including useful customization accessories, powerups, and many other items. 


The multiplayer mode of Beach Buggy has only been restricted to premium users. You have to pay with real money to enjoy the multiplayer kart-racing action with your folks. However, the Mod APK unlocks the multiplayer mode so you can now enjoy the action-packed Kart-racing with your friends.

Ads-free gaming

We hate useless ads as much as you do. But you have to face the unreal disruption in the game while playing the game’s original version, and you cannot block the ads. Our Mod version has been developed without ads to avoid such inconvenience so players can have the best gaming experience. Now, you can enjoy the ads-free buggy racing experience in a virtual gaming world.


As you all know, the main aim of providing the Mod version is to enhance the gamer’s gaming experience with exciting Modified features. Below is the list of the pros and cons of using the Mod version over the original version:


  • You will have Unlimited coins & Gems in the Mod APK for Beach Buggy.
  • All premium features are unlocked, such as premium cars and vehicles, customization items, and split-screen multiplayer mode.
  • Ads-free and secure.
  • Free shopping from the game shop.


  • The Mod version is sometimes unstable as compared to the original game version and crashes sometimes 
  • Sometimes, there are some additional files that you have to install before installing the Mod APK file.
  • It may get you bored after a while as you will already have everything unlocked from the beginning


As a racing game enthusiast, I have always liked to play and have played many racing games before this one. But all these games were either too easy to play, or the graphics were not good. One day, one of my friends told me about Beach Buggy Racing, and since then, I have loved to play this game and regularly play it in my spare time as it has become my source of happiness and mental satisfaction. 
I have already played many racing games before, but the racing experience on beachy shores was something new that attracted me to the game. To further enhance my gaming experience, I installed the Mod APK version to access all the premium features and enjoy the game at the maximum level.
So, it is safe to say that the game is extremely exciting and that the Mod APK version further enhances the gaming experience. I would always suggest the Beach Buggy Racing, especially the Mod version, as it is safe and secure to play.


Beach Buggy Racing premium APK is a top-notch Racing game. Because of its exciting features, including premium features, the game has been widely played all across the globe. From normal to premium game features, the Mod version unlocks everything. You can participate in championships and multiplayer events where you can claim many amazing rewards. The visuals, sound effects, and racing experience across different routes and tracks are thrilling gaming experiences only Beach Buggy Racing can provide. Another impressive thing is that no ads disrupt your Racing experience in the Mod APK version.
The game is 100% recommended and the first choice for gamers who want to experience realistic Racing with advanced visuals and graphics on their Android device. So, download BB racing mod apk from our website now. 


Yes, the Mod APK is free of cost to install.

Yes, you can install the Mod APK version for iOS and PC from our website.

No, the game is playable for audiences of any age. There is no age restriction for this game.

Unlimited Money and Gems, premium features unlocked. No ads.

Yes, the Mod APK is safe and secure and personally tested.

The game is an offline game, but it doesn’t mean there is no multiplayer game mode in this game. The game features Split Screen Multiplayer mode where you can enjoy the Racing experience with your friend online.

Our website offers the player the latest version of Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK 2024.