The Egg Hunter Challenge in Beach Buggy Racing Mod Apk offers players to involve in an immersive experience. The purpose of emerging players in this challenge is to find and collect hidden eggs on the racing track. Players need to apply some strategies to find the location of hidden eggs. This challenge may be challenging for many players. Beach Buggy Racing adds different challenges such as egg hunter achievement, Cry of Yeti achievement, and Reckless achievement to groom the player experience and enhance the game.


Purpose of Egg Hunter Challenges

The purpose of the game is to add this challenge for the player to add excitement and adventure. Finding hidden eggs is the enhancing part of racing. Players cleverly find these eggs with strategies and shortcuts.

Hidden Eggs Location

Eggs are placed at different locations across the racing path. It is hard to find each egg. Players need to explore a different location and search around the surrounding track.

Strategic Placement of Eggs

Through observation and facing the challenges the experience of the player improves and strategies may build. Eggs are hidden behind the obstacles and on different hidden paths.

How many hidden eggs are in the beach buggy racing game?

There are 15 hidden eggs located in different areas around the racing track. With these eggs, players can unlock many features and achieve rewards from the game. A delightful chick picture appears when a player hits the egg. In return, you earn cash and different rewards. 

  • SHARK HARBOR: There’s a clever shortcut tucked away along the right-hand side of the track, nestled within a narrow passageway. It guides you towards a slope just before the finish line. Simply ease off your speed as you approach the ramp and aim to snag the egg perched atop a nearby building right as the ramp concludes.
  • FIESTA VILLAGE: This hint lies near the starting point. Seek out the dock with the largest boat tethered to it. Then, proceed cautiously along the dock and strike the egg resting at the bottom.
  • CRAB COVE: The egg awaits, nestled within the serene beachscape. After the race commences, glide through the stone archway, then gently decelerate and veer left shortly thereafter to uncover its hidden presence.
  • BLIZZARD VALE: You can find the Egg tucked away behind a cluster of barrels along the right side of the track, just past the initial set of power-ups.
  • RED PLANET: Navigate left as you near the low-gravity section; the Egg is positioned midway up the left-hand wall. Alternatively, decelerate slightly, reverse your race, and utilize the wall as a half pipe to ascend and seize the Egg.
  • MISTY MARSH: At the midpoint of the track, a sizable stone ramp or jump emerges. You’ll find the Egg directly ahead if you plow through the boats positioned at the lower left-hand side of the jump.
  • GLACIER GULCH: You may need to perform this action multiple times to prevent triggering the out-of-bounds alert before reaching the Egg. Just before the second significant leap, veer left off the track where you’ll discover the Egg adrift atop a glacier.
  • PARADISE BEACH: After passing the section with the caves, you’ll encounter two wooden roads. The Egg is situated below and to the right of the small cabin as you commence the second stretch. Therefore, you’ll need to venture off the main route to retrieve it.
  • MUSHROOM GROTTO: As you approach the second set of power-ups, you’ll find the egg positioned midway along the track, concealed behind the towering mushrooms.
  • TIKI TEMPLE: As you near the expansive lava-filled chamber halfway through, ease your pace and direct your gaze to the left where an altar awaits, bearing the Egg. Achieving a graceful landing upon the altar demands precise timing as you descend the ramp, a pathway often frequented for its trickery and shortcuts. Perfecting the speed and angle may require several attempts, yet attaining success is indeed within reach.
  • DINO JUNGLE: Halfway around the track, you’ll stumble upon a cave graced with a cascading waterfall. Navigate to the right, glide over the verdant ramp, and be sure to leap to unveil a clandestine tunnel nestled at its peak. Upon exiting this passage, the Egg awaits on the left, adjacent to the waterfalls.
  • DEATH BATH ALLEY: After passing the second set of power-ups, a shortcut emerges to the left. Navigating certain sections of the fractured roads demands careful maneuvering. The egg rests at the heart of the ramp concluding the shortcut.
  • AQUARIUS: Search for the massive orange fish that isn’t ascending towards the ceiling within the initial section of the underwater tunnel. Employ two or three turbo boosts, or rely on Rex’s turbo, to reach the egg suspended from above.
  • FIRE AND ICE: The egg is positioned slightly askew, to the left of the actual starting point, yet at a lower elevation. As you near the race’s conclusion, you’ll encounter a substantial ramp. Here, you have the option to decelerate and veer left of the ramp or accelerate and execute a reverse jump.
  • SPOOKY SHORES: A jetty stretches into the distance halfway around, just after the shortcut leap. Drive slowly along the jetty to discover the hidden egg.


You can unlock this achievement by hitting 25 yetis in the game.

You will only find the Yetis in the Blizzard Vale map.

You have to hit 25 Yetis to unlock this achievement.