This game Beach Buggy Racing is full of thrilling and adventure racing. This game provides various modes and features for exciting gameplay and shortcuts for dominating others and we will discuss these shortcuts in this article to enhance your gaming experience.  
Some shortcuts that Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK allows the player to use while playing include tunnel caverns, wooden bridges, and tiny roads. 
You can use some secret shortcuts that are hidden and useful, it is alright to use some artificial shortcuts. Further, it can’t harm or damage your Kart or vehicle.


How to get a jumpstart in beach buggy racing

By using some of the best tricks you can get a jumpstart in beach buggy racing:

  • Before starting a race, the timer will start. Players must focus on the timer and be ready to boost the race. 
  • The accelerator button plays a major role in boosting. Push the accelerator button as much as you can.
  • Watch other players how to use tricky tips, and learn from them.
  • Make conversant with the track. Judge the obstacles that are on the racing track for safety.

How to play split screen in beach buggy racing

By following general steps you can play split screen. Some of the specific processes depend on the devices.

  • ENSURE MULTIPLE CONTROLLERS: Remember that you have enough controllers because every player will need their controller in the game.
  • ACCESS LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MODE: Access the main menu once you’ve launched the game. Select the option of multiplayer mode or split-screen from the game menu.
  • SELECT SPLIT-SCREEN MODE: if you want to play with multiplayer on the same screen, you must access the local multiplayer menu once.
  • CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS: In customize settings, there are different options. Such as the number of players, difficulty level, game level, game mode, and map selection. 
  • ASSIGN CONTROLLERS: This game allows you to assign each player’s controller. 

Strategies for Securing Victory in Beach Buggy RACING

In beach buggy racing win or lose, all depend on player experience and judgment. The player needs to consume the main pain points of other competitors. Adopt their higher skills and try them while racing.
Below are several tips that players should utilize:

  • UPGRADE YOUR VEHICLE: Enhance through the coins you win from the race. Use coins perfectly on the vehicle and make it more powerful.
  • COLLECT POWER-UPS: There are many power-ups that you need to collect from the track. Power-ups give you the maximum ability and are very helpful for turning your ranking to the top of the list.
  • MASTER THE ART OF DRIFTING: Learn by practicing around the corners to help sustain velocity and avert collisions.
  • HONE YOUR BOOSTS: When the countdown starts, the main focus is on the accelerator of your buggy. Hone your boosts at the right time will give maximum energy to your vehicles.

Strategies for Outpacing Leilani in Beach Buggy Racing

Leilani is a famous character in beach buggy racing. Every player who plays this game should need to know the tips and tricks for outpacing Leilani.

  • THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SHORTCUTS: Shortcuts are secret paths on race tracks. They’re hidden and give racers different ways to go that can make their race times much faster. This helps them get in front of other racers. These shortcuts are like secret tricks for good players to win races.
  • EXPLORATION AS A KEY STRATEGY: In racing games, exploring is important to find shortcuts. Players should go beyond the usual racing path and look for secret paths and different ways to go through the tracks.
  • IMPORTANCE OF OBSERVATION: Watching how good players drive can help you find shortcuts. By paying close attention to their moves in gameplay videos, you can learn where shortcuts might be on the tracks. This helps you understand the tracks better and know where to find shortcuts. Learning from these videos gives you the smarts you need to use hidden paths to win tough races.


Split screen Multiplayer strategy is widely used in most Racing games. It divides the interface into multiple parts providing each player an equal view and an opportunity to keep an eye on other racers.

In the start of the race, you can get a small headstart that gives you a small dominance in the race over other racers. This small headstart or boost in the race is the Jumpstart.